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Fastener industry business: 4 business circle

Fastener and its application widely, sales and service industry broadly classified 4 kinds of management circle provides unique market demand for fasteners.

Maintain adequate food and clothing type: This is can be seen in the Chinese size city the most common screw stores use morphology. It is characterized in a small shop, there is a part of the inventory, about 10 -- 200000, monthly sales of 3, 50000 or about 100000, become the main force in the fastener industry retail terminal system. The general maintenance of subsistence customer marketing ability, basically belongs to the "tradesmen" rather than "peddler" form, each store rely on years of "waiting" results barely store expenses, the benefit of a few customer relationship directly affect their income situation. There is no way to improve the sales price, as far as possible to find cheap stock, even if the poor quality of some also does not matter, therefore, the "price" has become a decisive factor. Relying on the villagers relationship, kinship and thrifty virtue is to survive these couples wife shop.

Wholesale: all specifications, high inventory, low price for features, to become the industry's first class wholesaler, bear the sales, to a regional market of the small and medium-sized businesses and distribution, transfer function, generally have a thousand square meters of warehouse, delivery vehicles etc.. For example: Guangdong Jian Sheng, Dongguan Hujiang, Fujian Chang Ying, Jiangsu world, Shenyang Wanquan, wholesalers, consumption amount in 5 years more than 10 million.

Run: why will this as a form, because this is an easily overlooked but cannot be ignored. The so-called easy to ignore, because these operators do not have storefront, don't even need a wardrobe, so it is not easy to see; the so-called can not be ignored is because these operators are able to survive must have to survive. General from the original enterprise, especially the state-owned enterprises, as the characteristics of well-informed, relationship, high interest, provide "full" service. For example, the traditional "factory", and the project and so on, a considerable part of the run - complete.

Professional: also called the "fastening system", generally by the foreign-funded enterprises in China mechanism, such as BOSSARD, Wuerth, Hilti, Hui fish. Take the sales model is not a wholesale also non retail, generally adopts the specialized agency, provide technical support, including direct service to customers. This is not a simple direct sales, but the product, service, brand and guarantee to be sold. The terminal customer service for the foreign large enterprises, public works, employees generally higher level of education, have good quality, and post education and postgraduate opportunities.

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