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Automobile industry warmer parts enterprises net profit rose

The first half of this year, the auto industry to pick up, not only the automobile net profit of enterprise to achieve rapid growth, the upstream parts enterprises net profit generally rose, reversing the downward trend last year.

According to Automotive News data collected, the first half of this year, operating income and net profit of the whole of China's 20 major auto parts companies are to achieve rapid growth of two digit: total operating income of 128640000000 yuan, an increase of 11.7%; net profit total 7641000000 yuan, a year-on-year growth of 13.1%. These enterprises, more than 80% of the enterprise net profit growth, while only three companies fell.

Tire enterprises net profit growth higher Sailun tire A were more than doubled and Guizhou

Many net profit growth of Listed Companies in order to sell parts, tire enterprises net profit growth is higher, its causes and the decline in raw material prices led to cost reduction and American "safeguard case" after the expiration of exports to the United States sales picked up and other factors. Among them, especially Sailun tire and A in first half net profit rose the most, a net profit of 131000000 yuan and 95000000 yuan respectively, up more than doubled. S Giti and double the money stock net profits were also six and four growth.

In addition, large steel, Ningbo Huaxiang, windsurfing shares, Wanfeng auto wheel and shares Zhongding net profit growth is also faster, the first half of the year all grow 20%-30%. Among them, large steel revenue decline, other business revenue and net profit growth.

China automobile domain for a long time are our country revenue's largest auto parts companies, but in 2012 by Weichai Power over, the first half of this year and retake first, and its net profit is still lower than the Weichai power. China automobile domain first half revenue growth of 17.5% to 33223000000 yuan, net profit growth of 6.1% to 1715000000 yuan; Weichai Power revenue growth of 14.3% to 30922000000 yuan, net profit growth of 9.9% to 2085000000 yuan.

FAW, Fengshen shares and Lingyun company net profit fell

20 parts listed enterprises, although most enterprises net profit growth, but there are still three enterprises net profit fell, respectively is the FAW, Fengshen shares and Lingyun shares. Among them, Lingyun company net profit decline, the first half net profit 56430000 yuan, drop compared to the same period 20.9%; followed by FAW, net profit fell 15.9% to 176000000 yuan.

The Fengshen shares the first half net profit of 163000000 yuan, drop compared to the same period 6.2%, net profit of five tire company is the only slide enterprises

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