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Analysis report of 2012-2013 years China fastener industry

        Entered in 2012, the international situation is still continuation of complex multi allergic potential, USA subprime crisis began in Domino's

"Fermentation", "depression" effect, in the fourth year of the international financial crisis is still continuing, serious interference with the global economy

Development. Domestic factors which restrict the development are on the rise, inadequate demand growth, the economic recovery is weak, the development of the emergence of many new

Contradiction, new problems. The national machinery industry suffered a financial crisis is the most severe challenges for the economic operation of the difficulties.

General machinery parts industry market performance is "the lack of external demand, domestic demand not flourishing", by the development of the equipment manufacturing industry is slow and the

The influence of the mouth by the international trade protection, the development of the industry can only tough low-speed forward. Over the years, adhere to the development of the dominant industry

Thoughts, gradually understand the situation, to calmly deal with, develop a series of measures, the marketing channel contrarian endeavor; another

Hand, enterprises adhere to independent innovation, the adjustment of product structure, hard skills, pay attention to the fine management, for enterprises to consolidate and development

To lay a solid foundation. Our company again at home and abroad, the problems of chastened, in "breaking the pupa"

The historical development process of the new, has had a difficult year.

The basic situation, 2012 Chinese fastener industry

(one) 2012 fastener output is the first bit rate fastener negative growth

Economic performance in 2012 was the worst year, only single digit growth, is in the last few years, growth rate

The lowest of the year, the development trend from 2012 gross output value of industry in the quarter, a quarter of year-on-year growth rate of 8.6%, the two season

Degree is 4.2%, the three quarter of 6.8%, 6.4% in the fourth quarter of. As can be seen, the development trend of the industry is in a narrow range of oscillation

Slow growth. (12.1%) than in 2008 the outbreak of the financial crisis a year even lower.

According to the branch message China Machinery General Parts Industry Association fasteners: in 2012 the national fastener yield is 660

Million tons, annual sales of 65000000000 yuan. Fell 2.94% and 1.52%. Exports in 2012 amounted to 249.38

Million tons, the amount of $4710000000; the steel products 2464000 tons, down 4.83% over the same period, the amount of 4512000000 U.

Yuan, drops 3.26% compared to the same period, the average price of steel products 1831 U. S. dollars / ton, an increase of 1.67%. Imports in 2012

A total of 255700 tons, imports amounted to $3100000000; the steel products 251530 tons, down 4.72% over the same period, the amount of

2870000000 dollars, 2.38% year-on-year drop. Steel products, the average unit price is 11410 dollars / ton, up 2.79%.

The 2009-2012 national fastener total yield comparison chart

2009-2012 China fasteners import and export data

Last year the gear output value reached 195000000000 yuan, a year-on-year increase of 9.5%; exports were relatively strong gear, 45.43

Billion, growth rate reached 18.3%; the chain, a spring and a transmission link three sub industry in 8% on the order of growth

Rate; but the fasteners, powder metallurgy two sub industry has experienced negative growth, year-on-year growth rate from -1.5 to -2%. According to the Chinese

Analysis of general machinery parts industry association, fasteners, powder metallurgy two sub industry of negative growth, the main reason is the city

A lack of demand, especially the fastener from the international anti-dumping, export sales showed a trend of decline.

Main features of the development of two, industry operation

2012 is to implement the industry "1025" planning second years, is also the industry enterprises adhere to scientific development

The key of the year. On the one hand, our industry is facing the structure adjustment, transformation and upgrading, innovation and development of new research challenges

War; on the other hand, we have experienced since the international financial crisis has been the most difficult, slow development period, the most complex. Positive

Is the transformation and upgrading of "bright future, the road twists and turns" this two-way extrusion, make our industry companies have weathered the recent

As a severe test.

(a) the development of the industry experienced the most difficult period


2012 industry data and development practice shows that the development of the industry suffered in recent years, the most difficult time


Period, compared with the global financial crisis in 2008, the industry enterprises face more serious problems. Business owners with "abdominal


Trapped, "domestic trouble and foreign invasion" back "and other words to describe the plight of enterprise development. Domestic and foreign enterprises in the complex, low Yan Junfa


Exhibition situation, on one hand enterprise development funds increased greatly; hand corporate profits are falling sharply; plus


Fastener industry in the affected area of the international trade protection, causes the product export range is greatly reduced; so


, "lack of order", "transformation and upgrading", "optimization", "green manufacturing", "lack of money", "labor


Power loss "and a series of difficult problems in the 2012 time nodes together, the enterprises are facing pressure


Indeed not small, bosses feel difficult in small parts enterprise.

(two) development, actively respond to


On one hand, industry and enterprise, adhere to the scientific development idea, seize the "transformation and upgrading, optimization of industrial products


The main structure ", constructing enterprise innovation system, the development of agglomeration to innovation driven, promote enterprise as soon as possible


Degree growth to quality growth transformation. Issued the "basic pieces of machinery, manufacturing process and foundation based on the Ministry at the end of 2011


Materials industry "Twelfth Five Year" development plan ", inspired confidence in the development of industries and enterprises, actively implement the" three basics"


Planning has become an important task to promote the development of the industry. Therefore, enterprises to varying degrees in the construction of independent innovation ability


Breakthroughs in key technologies, products, improve product quality to accelerate the optimization and upgrading and increasing the investment technology.


Many enterprises in the combination of industry "1025" planning, implementation of the national "three planning" on the foundation, put forward "


Technical advantage for market advantage "," production generation, production generation, research generation, idea generation "strategic thinking


Road, adhere to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, promote the sustainable development of enterprises, and according to the different situation, were developed and implemented


Stage of development tasks its product innovation.


(three) complex depressed market test of the product structure of enterprises


2012 is complex and changeable, the market downturn made a harsh environment for different levels of products in the industry Market test, to guide the development of products has been fully interpreted, different levels of product is the "domestic trouble and foreign invasion in the"Experience in interpretation of the development process, split and convergence, elimination and upgrade. In the development of the industry practice, appeared"

Different enterprises "different" days "of the situation. One is the industry to high-end products as the leading enterprise, they are the transition early
, upgrade soon, products supporting host development even slowed down, but because the components supporting the higher grade of products, quality

Order, still get enough host plant. Secondly, there are still many low-end, low quality, low price products industry enterprises

There, because the technology is not high, the homogeneity of the products, the products in the market in 2012, saturated,

Inventory backlog of inferiority, can face the fierce, the glint and flash of cold steel price competition. Industry in the "three low" products in this

Downturn and vicious competition in the market, only to split, or even bankruptcy.

(four) the main difficulties of the industry enterprise development

In 2012, the development environment of macro economic downturn. Although the state has adopted a corresponding positive growth stability measure
For most industries, enterprises, is still development co.. Especially Chinese manufacturing industry in the global market

The existing low-cost labor, low-cost resources, low price and high energy consumption can not continue today, enterprise development

Put forward higher requirements of environment but also to the development of the enterprise, even in the face of more stringent selection.

Secondly, to coordinate the relationship between their structure and the quality of products and market demand is difficult. At present, quite a number of

The amount of enterprises, have begun to focus on the optimization and upgrading of the products, however, these enterprises are in the macro environment, transformation and upgrading

Dilemma of development challenges: on the one hand is felt may support decentralized weakness, has general parts industry

Six sub industries have not yet formed a common technology service platform of its own industry, not to mention the formation of the system, powerful,

Effectively boost the development of SME Service system. On the other hand, is the industry of small and medium-sized enterprises are facing the enterprise
Lack of funds, financing difficult situation. In any case, the upgrading of product structure and technological transformation, labor costs, raw material

Stock prices and financial costs, environmental costs and operating costs, inventory pressure increase, and the payment is not timely withdrawal from circulation

Causes the enterprise funds is very tight, the profits of enterprises greatly reduced, thus causes the enterprise development slow and weak.

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