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High strength fastener usage gradually increase


   Fasteners as the main basis of machinery industry product, the development of machinery industry, and put forward higher demand for fastener products. Luo Baihui believe that the current domestic ordinary standard fastener has pile up in excess of requirement, and high-grade fasteners, special high temperature, titanium plastic composite, special performance fasteners demand, have to rely on imports. The National Machinery Bureau to "ordinary standard fasteners" as to restrict the development of products, "shaped high strength fasteners" column for the current to encourage the development of products. High strength fasteners with national industrialization and raising the level of technological progress, gradually increase the use quantity.
   Fasteners, standard parts, screw, nut is making small, indispensable to giant machinery, buildings and other parts. The fastener industry in China is still the development of industry, "big but not strong", "big is not strong", large and American, Japan and South Korea, the Taiwan region of the gap, and the lack of the technical service to solve mechanical fastening solutions, digital products, design, manufacture and management, green product and manufacturing process.  

   But China's fastener development by the pressure on resources and environment is increasing, an important way to ease the resource constraints is the development of green manufacturing. The development of fasteners, in a period of the future will also continue towards the direction of brand management actively, promote the development of the full range of fasteners project. The products, high-end products will accelerate the development of the quality of the localization, scrap the whole process from the design, manufacturing, packaging, transport, use, must take into account the waste at least, lowest emissions, utilization of resources to the maximum and minimum environmental impact, so as to make the enterprise benefit and social benefit coordination optimization; in the circulation, explore the various value-added services, bring value and benefits to the customers. From a single set of fasteners to provide mechanical fastening solutions, customized service, remote monitoring, service in fastener manufacturing enterprise sales revenue in the proportion will gradually increase.

   As long as we can make is conducive to innovation and entrepreneurship policy and system environment construction through reform, can make Chinese fastener technology level and level of added value in not too long a period of time have a significant improvement. At present, the fastener world advanced level are faced with technological breakthroughs or big or small, Chinese fastener if can seize this opportunity, exert their own advantages, developed a number of internationally competitive products, it is entirely possible.

   Intensive or fine growth is the way to make technological progress and improve management efficiency, to play a leading role in the whole growth, increase in the results of performance is the increase of value-added, profit. Because, if is to rely on investment, output was increased, but the cost is increasing as well, this is not sustainable. The question now is whether the business environment and the government management of the science and technology education exist considerable defects.

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